İzmir Info


Izmir is an attractive cosmopolitan city with lots of history and interesting places to visit both inside and outside the city boundaries. This makes Izmir an ideal hub where you can spend a few days and use as a staging post to explore the region from alternatively you may wish simply to discover the City of Izmir and what it has to offer, below are just a few places of interest within the City where you may like to spend a little of your time whilst visiting.

Clock Tower - Konak Izmir

Cumhuriyet Meydani - Republic Square

Housing Pietro Canonica's famous monument of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk sitting astride his charger pointing out to sea Cumhuriyet Meydan is generally accepted as being the heart of Izmir. This is where Izmir holds all its official military, memorial and national parades, sometimes political protest rallies or sporting celebrations are also held here. The square is surrounded on three sides by gardens and palm trees with a central paved area providing a perfect photo opportunity for your holiday snaps.

Republic (Cumhuriyet) Square - Izmir


The district of Pasaport can be found between Alsancak and Konak districts. Originally this was a "bonded" area where merchants, customs halls and other commercial activities took place. The harbor area is now mainly used by small commercial craft, there is also a ferry port and some Turkish Navel vessels can often be seen moored by the Konak Pier. The waterfront quarters a host of Bars, Cafes and Tea houses where the locals relax with their water pipes and play backgammon well into the night.

This area is the "original" center of Izmir, it is the shopping center and home to the Town Hall (Belidiye) Main Police Station and until recently the main law courts. Konak is also the transport hub of the city, the point where Bus, Ferry and Metro all meet.

As you enter the district from Pasaport, you will find Konak Pier and customs buildings. Konak Pier is a steel lattice construction built in 1854 and believed to be designed by the famous Gustav Eifel or one of his protégés. The structure remained a customs building for many years however today the building has been fully restored to it's former glory and is used as a shopping and entertainment center with lots of boutique shops, Bars, coffee shops and even a Cinema inside.

Konak Meydani - Konak Square

The center piece of the square is Izmir's famous Clock Tower (Saat Kulesi) which is the "Official" symbol for the city. Built in 1901 by Grand Vizier Kucuk Said Pasa to celebrate the silver jubilee of the coronation of Sultan Abdulhamit II, the tower is ornately decorated in traditional Ottoman style and another photo opportunity not to be missed.

Also located in Konak Square is an attractive little Mosque with ceramic mosaic walls and a single minaret.

Asansor - The Lift

Located in Mithatpasa, the "Asansor" was erected in 1907 by local businessman Nesim Levi to provide easy access for residents of the villas on the top of the hill. Unfortunately this 50 meter brick tower fell into disrepair and was for many years out of service until 1992 when the structure was fully renovated and brought back into service. Today the asensor is mainly used to provide access to the Asensor Restaurant and Cafe where diners can relax enjoy both good food and a spectacular view of the city.

* The information on this page is duplicated from http://www.izmir.gen.tr/eng/aboutizmir.asp